Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You

Thank you very much for everyone who made our 5 year anniversary completely awesome, because it was completely awesome! Seriously. A huge thanks to the Monster House, Andy Cook, the Sidekicks and Delay.

Then, Saturday in Athens was also amazing. The Alwood Sisters are fantastic and it is always fun to play with them. Also, if you live in the Midwest and have never been to Casa Nueva in Athens, OH I think that you should. The people who operate it are fantastically nice and smart, plus it has great food and live music. Do it.

All in all, we in Tin Armor all agreed. Best. Weekend. Ever.

And hey, this Saturday we will be playing at the 83 Gallery with Andy Cook and the Wanderloons for Gallery Hop. If you're in Columbus, it will be very fun!


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