Thursday, January 27, 2011

Serious Weekend, Seriously

This Weekend is going to rule.

Friday 1-28 Tin Armor 5 Year Anniversary Show! @ The Monster House (115 W. 10th Columbus, OH) Joining us will be our friends, Andy Cook, The Sidekicks, and Delay.
We will be playing a 30 song super set. It will be absurd and fun. In a good way. If you want to see David Lighty's excellent flyer just scroll down or see the "5 year anniversary" label on the right.

Saturday 1-29 Casa Cantina w/ Alwood Sisters ! @ Casa Cantina in Athens, OH
The Alwood Sisters are truly a wonderful band and group of folk. If you want to see the excellent flyer that they produced, just look above. Also, they have a totally cool website.

It's going to be a doubleheader. Party.

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