Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Update, Dudes

Hey Everybody! I just wanted to touch base with anyone who was checking in. After our most recent tour we have been a little bit off the radar. But it has actually been a very productive time. We were able to work with one of Columbus' coolest organizations The Dick & Jane Project! If you have not read about this yet, I highly recommend you do. They are doing an awesome job of bringing music to young people and I love it! Beyond that, we have been working very steadily on our new album. We will be recording our next full length at The Tone Shoppe this July. The studio time is booked, an awesome group of producers/engineers are lined up and the songs are ready. I am so excited. Seriously! Eric Cronstein, Mark Parsons and Andy Cook are going to work with us again and our good friend Ryan Eilbeck has agreed to lend his ears and thoughts as well! I'll update as the process comes along. It is going to be sweet. Between now and then we do have 2 shows, July 6th at Kobo with She Bears, Deadwood Floats and Mira Loma and July 7th in the 83 Gallery parking lot for Gallery Hop. We will be playing with a number of good friends that night including, Andy Cook, Bobby Stevens, WV White and a bunch of other folks too. So that's what is going on in our world. -John

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