Thursday, January 22, 2009


Common ground is important for a band. Tin Armor has learned this lesson well. Since their humble beginnings in 2006 they have played hundreds of shows across the country, produced multiple releases including, a full length album, A Better Place Than I Have Been, available on One Percent Press, a self-titled 7" vinyl single available on Whoa Oh Records, and a second full length, Life of Abundance, which they self released in the summer of 2011. In this time Tin Armor has learned to write, record and perform in spite of and in light of the differences that each member brings to the process. They have crafted a unique sound that blends melodic, pop-sensible songwriting with literary and often introverted lyrics. Their honest style of rock and roll is approachable without being boring, and thought provoking without being pedantic. As they work to expand and improve their sound, they continue to learn this valuable lesson: common ground is not found, it is made.

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